Why Study Creativity?

Why Study Creativity?


Studying creativity, creative problem solving, and change leadership enables individuals to expand their abilities and develop all of their potential. Leaders who know how to effect and manage change are in demand in every industry throughout the world.

Graduates of Buffalo State’s programs:

  • Develop exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience intellectual challenge and growth
  • Learn habits that put them in control of change
  • Join an international community dedicated to acquiring strategies that nurture creative talent
  • Improve their ability to manage diverse groups
  • Become experts in facilitating problem-solving groups, using problem-solving tools to define complex problems
  • Generate creative solutions and transform solutions into action
  • Earn unique and prestigious academic credentials that clearly set them apart from others


What can you do with a master’s degree in creativity?

Applied creative thinking skills prepare students for careers in twenty-first century organizations, creating new, useful and practical solutions to real-world problems.

Since the need for creative thinking is so universal, a degree in creative studies can take you just about anywhere. Opportunities are abundant: you will find our alumni in schools, financial institutions, art institutions, major corporations, and consulting firms.

Graduates have learned how to nurture creativity in themselves, others, and the organizations in which they work. For examples of how our graduates have used their certificates and degrees view our success stories.


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