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10 Ways to Stay Connected


Buffalo State Alumni Office

Contact the Buffalo State alumni office and give them your up-to-date info. They may ask for your money, but they also keep the best list of our alumni. So we like ‘em. Register.


Alumni Google Group

To be emailed news on job openings and department events, join our email list.



Facebook Group

Check out our official Facebook group. It’s closed, so get yourself invited. We’ll post all our activity there as Facebook events. Go to Facebook.


Facebook Page

Sign up for our Facebook page. Unlike the Facebook group, this page is open to everyone. Go to Facebook. 



Sign up to receive news via email from the department. Sign up.


Alumni Map

Put yourself on the map. Past president, Amy Frazier, made a cool online mapping system of our alumni. Submit your name and we’ll drop a pin for you. Open the map.


Alumni Directory- Coming Soon

Watch for the chance to participant in a new alumni directory. We’ve asked the Buffalo State alumni office to initiate a request for participation some time this spring.


Attend the Creativity Expert Exchange

Present at the Creativity Expert Exchange conference. Or just come.

Please note: For those of you who asked, and we appreciate your enthusiasm, there is no Creativity Expert Exchange scheduled for 2019. Instead we are considering going to an every-other year schedule. Stay tuned and thank you!


Alumni Reunion

Come to our reunion. Check back soon for more details.



Follow our Twitter feed for quick updates. 


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