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Sidney J. Parnes and Ruth B. Noller Creativity Award

Sidney J. Parnes and Ruth B. NollerThe Center for Applied Imagination rests on more than five decades of experience teaching creativity. This solid foundation continues to inspire our work and provide a depth of knowledge in a young field. We owe much to the pioneering faculty, Drs. Sidney Parnes and Ruth Noller, who had the vision and courage to pursue a highly novel concept—the belief that creative thinking could be enhanced through explicit instructions.


Eligibility and Selection

The Parnes and Noller awards are awarded to students in the creativity graduate certificate or master’s degree program who could benefit from financial assistance. The award is limited to active graduate students currently enrolled in courses. Students must be in good academic standing and demonstrate commitment to the study and applicationof creativity. Preference will be given to students who are in need of financial assistance to pursue their studies.

Application Process and Deadline

Thanks to the Parnes-Noller Award Donors

Mary Murdock Creative Spirit Award

Mary MurdockThis award, one of two awards ranging between $300 and $600, recognizes creative studies students who have demonstrated through action and intent that they

  • Have the courage and wisdom to be their authentic selves in the face of both praise and criticism;
  • Honor the voice of the child in themselves and others;
  • Actively seek to live in the awe and wonder of everyday creativity;
  • Actively network with creativity students and cohorts from various years;
  • Produce in unique ways in their own time and own way;
  • Are willing champions of the creative spirit of others;
  • Demonstrate energy and commitment to the field and domain; and
  • Can articulate a future image of how he or she will inspire and nurture the creative spirit in others.

Eligibility and Selection

By accepting this award, recipients commit to use their creative and intellectual gifts and talents to make the world a better place in some particular way and agree to continue to actively engage in unique ways in which the creative spirit can be nurtured and supported in others.

Nomination for the award may be by self, peers, or faculty. If other than self, the nominating person will notify the potential recipient and work with that person to submit a bulleted list of examples to support the criteria above; the nominees may solicit examples from others to use if applicable.

If selected, the nominee will decide on one activity to pursue that will improve the quality of life for others in some way, agree to conduct that activity, and then tell the story of his/her learning for the creative studies website and/or newsletter (might be podcast, video stream, or writing).

Application Process and Deadline

Thanks to the Mary Murdock Award Donors

Roger Firestien Family Creative Achievement Award

Chuck Firestien Dr. Roger Firestien established the Firestien Family Creative Achievement Award in 1999. Originally named the Firestien Creative Studies Achievement award, it was re-cast in 2008 to honor his father, Chuck, who died in a tragic car accident in 2004. In 2009, after consultation with his mother, Ruth, and sister, Judith, Roger and his family renamed the scholarship the Firestien Family Creative Achievement Award.

Two awards are given annually, usually in May. The amount of each award is expected be $500 or more.

The Firestien Family Creative Achievement Award recognizes graduate students in the International Center for Studies Creativity who have demonstrated expertise in training other individuals in Creative Problem Solving (CPS) methods and techniques.

Students are eligible to apply for the award when they have completed a significant portion of their graduate program. Students will demonstrate to the evaluation committee the ways in which they have used their creativity skills to inspire creative behavior in others. Students are encouraged to provide feedback or evaluations from programs they have conducted and letters of support from clients or program participants.

Application Process and Deadline


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