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The Certificate

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Certificate in Creative Leadership and Facilitation for Innovation 

The International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) is pleased to endorse the Certificate in Creative Leadership and Facilitation for Innovation that is presented by The Center for Certification in Creativity (CCC).

The Certificate was developed in 2012 to provide opportunities for learning and developing creativity and innovation for executives and professionals, according to the highest standards in the field. This 10-month program for organizational leaders and consultants in the business community has been successfully implemented in Mexico City and expansion plans include Colombia, Portugal, and Dubai. 

The leaders of CCC are alumni of ICSC and program faculty include both ICSC alumni and ICSC faculty. CCC leaders and ICSC faculty collaborated on the program design that is based on well-established, research-based concepts in creativity education.

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single student“The program was a surprise and constant challenge to me, a great source of learning on the professional and personal side.”

“It was a transformational experience that will stay with me throughout my life.”

“It completely surpassed my expectations. It was very different from anything I could think of, very unique, with lots of practical application.”student headshot

“It taught me many things, not only in theory, but it also went way beyond, helping me to know myself as a human being and to take total advantage of my thinking process. I entered an unknown world, I opened the door and now I only wish to move forward.”




Participants in this program experience the following benefits:

  • Develop the essential skills to facilitate the Creative Problem Solving process
  • Discover their personal thinking preferences and learn how to leverage individual difference to enhance team effectiveness
  • Strengthen their creative thinking skills in both cognitive and affective domains
  • Enhance their self-leadership abilities by internalizing creative thinking and behavior in their daily lives
  • Develop the leadership skills that drive change leading to innovative results

Program Overview

The certificate program consists of ten, two-day learning modules offered on a monthly basis over the course of a full-year. Participants also receive regular coaching sessions to support and guide them in their individual practice and application. They are required to complete a portfolio to document their experience, which is independently evaluated as part of the criteria for completion of standard requirements for certification.  All of the faculty, coaches and independent reviewers are alumni or faculty of the Master’s program offered by the ICSC.

Target Audience

Our certificate is addressed to company executives, who are in a leading position at various levels and need to drive creative change in their organizations, as well as to independent practitioners (consultants, trainers, coaches, facilitators) who want to develop creativity and innovation in the organizations they are working with. The program is highly business-focused and participants benefit from the cross-pollination of thoughts, knowledge and perspectives that each individual brings to group, coming from different business environments. Our alumni include senior executives from many international companies such as Coca-Cola, Telmex, MindShare, and NEC as well as several independent business consultants. 


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