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Creative Studies (Minor)

About the Program:

Creativity is an effective resource that resides in all people and within all organizations. Our more than 30 years of research has conclusively demonstrated that creativity can be nurtured and enhanced through the use of deliberate tools, techniques, and strategies. Through our undergraduate courses, our students develop essential life skills that they can apply to their personal and professional lives.

Core competencies developed:

  • Expertise in facilitating problem-solving teams
  • Enhanced ability to manage diverse groups
  • Ability to develop, implement, and support an environment that nurtures creative thinking
  • Learn a practical skill set for individual and group problem solving
  • Ability to use problem solving tools to define complex problems, to generate creative solutions, and to transform solutions into action
  • Learn theories and models for managing and coping with change in a complex world
  • Increased effectiveness in decision making
  • Sound theoretical base for understanding creativity
  • Learn strategies to nurture the creative talent of others
  • Enhanced leadership capabilities


Program Requirements (18 cr)

Course Requirements (15 cr)

CRS 205 Introduction to Creative Studies
CRS 302 Creative Approaches to Problem Solving
CRS 303 Creative Leadership Through Effective Facilitation
CRS 304 Developing Creative Problem Solving Skills 
CRS 320 Applications of Creativity and Innovation

Electives (3 cr)

Plus 3 credit hour approved elective


To apply for the Creative Studies minor or for additional information about these courses, contact Mike Fox.


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