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Blair Miller

Blair Miller

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As the co-developer of the FourSight instrument and product line, Blair has brought to FourSight his vast experience delivering creativity and problem-solving training to organizations. As president of his own Chicago-based consulting firm, Blair Miller & Associates, he has developed a unique method of helping organizations like Deloitte & Touche, DuPont, Intel, Invesco, Mars, Monsanto, Motts, Kodak, Kraft, Pfizer and Xerox deliver on their innovation goals. By leveraging insights from organizational assessments he is able to customize programs that give organizations access to new language, new processes, new tools and new outcomes. In the last ten years, he pioneered the fusion of creative problem solving techniques with traditional cost optimization methods, helping his clients deliver in excess of $1.3 billion in savings. Blair has co-authored numerous books and publications, which has been used by graduate programs in creativity and translated into Spanish, French and Japanese. Blair also serves as Adjunct Professor of Creativity and Change Leadership in the Department of Creative Studies at SUNY Buffalo and is a guest instructor at MBA programs at Northwestern University, Emory and the University of Chicago. The Creative Education Foundation (CEF) recently honored him with the Distinguished Leadership Award, noting his leadership in the development of FourSight and creative leaders in the field. Blair’s gift for working with teams has been seasoned by earlier careers as a classroom teacher and an Outward Bound instructor. His formal training including a Master of Science degree in Creativity and Change Leadership. 


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