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A New Kind of Academic Press

Welcome to a new kind of academic press: the creative kind. The ICSC has long been recognized as a clearinghouse for information on the field of creativity. To expand this role, and to more actively disseminate original and rigorous work, the ICSC has launched its own publishing imprint, ICSC Press. The press will support ICSC’s vision: “Igniting creativity around the world: facilitating the recognition that creative thinking is an essential life skill.”

Who can publish through ICSC?

The goal of ICSC Press is to serve as a vehicle for members of our community and other creativity professionals to publish and disseminate their original thinking, in book, ebook, and other forms. We encourage anyone who is part of the ICSC community, especially, to reach out to ICSC press for publication. The authors best suited to ICSC Press are: ICSC Faculty, ICSC Graduates, CPS and creativity practitioners, and other academics and creativity professionals who want to make a contribution to the field while bypassing the lengthy academic and trade book publishing industry.

What We Publish

Books, e-books, and more. ICSC Press begins its life as a publisher of electronic and printed books related to the study and practice of creativity and Creative Problem Solving. It is expected that it will soon evolve into publishing a variety of supporting materials, including workbooks, worksheet collections, tool cards, posters, smart phone apps, and other things we can’t yet imagine. As you might imagine, we’re open to your ideas on this.



ICSC Press


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