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Leadership (Minor)

About the Program: 

The leadership minor program is designed for all students interested in studying and applying leadership theory and practice. The leadership minor supports the mission of Buffalo State in preparing a diverse population of students for leadership roles and responsibilities in a challenging world. The minor serves as a nexus for connecting and integrating the insights of a variety of disciplines in understanding the complex phenomenon of leadership. Out of multiple modes of inquiry, students acquire frameworks that guide creative and critical thinking, and inform the practice of leadership in relevant contexts.

Program Requirements (18 cr)

Required Courses (12 cr)

CRS/UNC 201 Foundations of Leadership
CRS 302 Creative Approaches to Problem Solving
CRS 303 Creative Leadership through Effective Facilitation
CRS/UNC/BUS 435 Experiences in Leadership

Electives (6 cr)

Electives must be chosen from two different skill areas (Ability to Interact Socially, Critical Evaluation and Systematic Thinking, Empowerment, or Diversity) identified as critical to effective leadership. One of the chosen electives must be an upper-level elective. Select two classes from the following:

Ability to Interact Socially
COM 306 Public Speaking*
ENG 300W Writing for the Professions
SPC 205 Introduction to Oral Communication
SPC 311 Intercultural Communication
SWK 105 Interpersonal Relations

Critical Evaluation and Systematic Thinking
BUS 360 Principles of Management
COM 321 Rhetorical Criticism
PHI 103 Introduction to Logic
PHI 106 Critical Thinking
PHI 310 History of Ethics*
SOC 240 Analyzing Social Problems

BUS 426 Creative Opportunities in Leadership and Management Practices
PSY 365 Psychology in the Workplace*
SOC 331 Sociology of Group Dynamics*
SPC 205 Introduction to Oral Communication
SPC 307 Group Communication*

BUS 305 Workforce Diversity in the 21st Century
HIS/SSE 363 American Identity in Transition: Diversity and Pluralism in the United States
PSC 230 International Relations
SOC 312 Women in Society

* Indicates courses with prerequisites


To apply for the Creative Studies minor or for additional information about these courses, contact Dr. Selcuk Acar.


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