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The Center for Applied Imagination is known around the world for its personally transformative undergraduate, graduate and distance programs that cultivate skills in creative thinking, innovative leadership practices and problem solving skills.

We are the first program in the world to teach the science of creativity at a graduate level: Our Graduate Certificate program includes six courses that focus on creative process, facilitation, assessment, training, theory and leadership. With an additional four courses, including a master’s project or thesis, students can complete a Master of Science degree in creativity and change leadership (M.S. in Creative Studies). Graduate students can pursue their degree on campus or via the “Distance Program,” which offers a blend of on-campus and virtual classrooms.

Our graduate programs are ideal for individuals who possess a strong desire to advance themselves, both professionally and personally, by developing 21st century survival skills. And who wish to position themselves as change leaders in their respective fields. More specifically, our graduate programs are ideal for educators who wish to challenge their students to engage in the highest level of human thought. To those in organizations, both for profit and not-for-profit, who desire to inspire others through their transformational leadership. Trainers and consultants who want to differentiate their services by imparting creative-thinking and creative leadership skills to others. And facilitators who want to bring about innovative outcomes in businesses and social enterprises. 


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Center for Applied Imagination

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