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Who Should Study Creativity?

Our educational programs are ideal for individuals who possess a strong desire to advance themselves, both professionally and personally, by developing 21st century survival skills. More specifically, our educational programs are ideal for educators who wish to challenge their students to engage in the highest level of human thought. To those in organizations, both for profit and not-for-profit, who desire to inspire others through their transformational leadership. Trainers and consultants who want to differentiate their services by imparting creative-thinking and creative leadership skills to others. Facilitators who want to bring about innovative outcomes in businesses and social enterprises.

With numerous reports naming creativity-related skills as the most important for professional success in the 21st century, our undergraduate minor programs and graduate programs attract learners from all majors and fields. Our minor programs, in Creativity Studies and Leadership, have served students from such majors as business, education, psychology, communications, fashion design, technology, engineering, computer systems, and many more. And our graduate programs, Graduate Certificate and Master of Science, have served learners from such fields as education, business, not-for-profit, engineering, training and development, design, criminal justice and any job that requires creative thinking, problem solving, and creative leadership (which means all professional fields).

Whether you graduate from one of our minor programs or from one of our graduate programs, our expectation is that our alumni will serve as change leaders in their organizations and communities. We want to attract people who wish to make a difference in the world, positively impacting whatever context they choose.



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