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Why Study Creativity?

To study creativity is to study humans at their best. 

Today educators consider it the highest expressions of learning. Psychologists consider it the highest form of self-actualization. Business executives consider it the most critical characteristics of leadership in the 21st Century. While creativity may once have been considered a pleasant novelty, today creative problem solving is a 21st century survival skill. As technology takes over routine jobs, our professional and personal success depend on it.

There has never been a more important time to cultivate creative thinking in our students, citizens, employees and ourselves. 

A creativity degree from Buffalo State enables students to:

  • Earn a unique academic credential that sets them apart as experts in the field of creativity
  • Enhance their creative thinking skills
  • Balance creativity theory and practice
  • Develop skills that future-proof them
  • Readily adapt to and lead change
  • Learn to facilitate creative problem solving in groups
  • Understand and teach effective collaboration
  • Develop powerful interpersonal communication skills
  • Infuse creative thinking and Creative Problem Solving into their leadership skill sets
  • Push their intellectual and personal boundaries
  • Learn cognitive habits that put them in control of change
  • Improve their ability to lead diverse groups
  • Generate creative solutions and transform them into action
  • Join an international community of creativity scholars

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