Creativity Around the World

Our graduates are found all around the world. In fact, they are located on five continents and in more than 20 different countries. Studying at the Center for Applied Imagination means you will be joining a worldwide network of creativity professionals. To engage our community, the Creativity and Change Leadership Department runs the annual Creativity Expert Exchange conference. This virtual conference attracts more than 150 participants, many of whom are our alumni, and provides a way for our community to engage in continuous learning and test new ideas.  

Branko Broekman

Branko Broekman

2019 Alumni Achievement Award Winner

Director of the Academy for Creative Leadership in Amsterdam, which aims to promote creative leadership in Europe. 

Adjunct faculty member. 

Dorte Nielsen

Dorte Nielsen

2020 Alumni Achievement Award Winner

Founder of Creative Thinker and the Center for Creative Thinking, Copenhagen. 

Founder of "Creative Communication" education.

Author of nine books on creativity.

Jonathan Vehar

Jonathan Vehar

2015 Alumni Achievement Award Winner

Senior Faculty Member and Global Portfolio Manager at the Center for Creative Leadership, one of the world’s top 5 executive education programs

Graduated from the Center for Applied Imagination in 1995.

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