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Foursight Thinking Profile


When it comes to solving problems creatively, we all have preferences for clarifying, ideating, developing, and implementing. 

The FourSight Thinking Profile is a research-based assessment that provides a distinct understanding and application of these various approaches toward creativity and innovation.






Blair Miller, partner and publisher of FourSight, travels the globe helping organizations build problem-solving capability, enrich creative climate and foster ideas and collaborative solutions.






Sarah Thurber is managing partner of FourSight, LLC. While her job is to run the business, her passion is developing paths and partnerships to help teach the science of creative thinking. 







Russ Schoen is Chief Collaboration Officer at FourSight, where he supports, trains and coaches practitioners to help them make deliberate creativity easy to get, easy to understand and easy to train and facilitate.








Partner, founding author and originator of the FourSight theory, Gerard Puccio has dedicated his career to bringing the best of creativity theory to the rest of us.


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