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Book cover: The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker

The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker: Sarah Thurber & Dorte Nielsen

Dorte Nielsen and Sarah Thurber



Dorte Nielsen

Nielsen was a wizard at maths, but ended up as an art director at Ogilvy in London. She returned home to Copenhagen to train aspiring creative directors and founded the Creative Communications education, now the world’s most award-winning bachelors program in advertising. Nielsen is a keynoter, educator and the author of “The Idea Book” and “Inspired.”

Sarah Thurber

Thurber showed wayward signs of creative thinking early on with the creation of a 6-foot paper maché alligator in her parents’ basement. Today she is an author, keynoter and the managing partner of FourSight, an international innovation company based in Chicago, that develops research-based tools and training in creativity and collaborative problem solving.

The Connection

Together Nielsen and Thurber have develop a visual model of creative problem solving that has been adopted by the Creative Education Foundation and the Center for Applied Imagination. They have co-authored “Creativity Unbound: An Introduction to Creative Process” and “Facilitation: A Door to Creative Leadership.” 


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