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Book cover: Creativity for Everybody

Creativity for Everybody: Kathryn Haydon & Jane Harvey

Kathryn Haydon Kathryn Haydon, co-author of Creativity for Everybody (2015), works to support a paradigm based on creative strengths. She is an author, speaker, facilitator, and specialist for organizations, students, and families nationwide.  Kathryn writes for publications on education, creativity, and parenting highly creative and gifted children and is a published poet.  She founded Sparkitivity ( to engage “square peg” students and to support the adults who want them to succeed. She holds a Master of Science in Creative Studies from the Center for Applied Imagination at State University of New York, and a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University.

Jane Harvey

Jane Harvey is an Art Director, Creativity Consultant, and Visual Facilitator. She holds a B.F.A. in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design, and a Master of Science degree in Creativity, Creative Problem Solving and Change Leadership from the Center for Applied Imagination at SUNY Buffalo State. Jane is valued for her openness, empathy, humor, and insight. Combining business experience and conceptual thinking, Jane encourages creative thinking in others to solve challenges and find opportunities for innovation. Her book Creativity for Everybody, was co-written with Kathryn Haydon in 2015. To learn more about Jane’s recent work, visit, follow her on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.



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